Amber Clour, Diabetes Daily Grind founder, has dedicated the fourth chapter of her life to diabetes advocacy as she struggled to connect with others in the earlier years managing this disease. What started out as a blog in 2014 quickly blossomed into one of the largest diabetes related podcasts (Real Life Diabetes) in the world.

The Diabetes Daily Grind is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide real support and resources for all people living with diabetes. We’re not promising a cure, but use our stories to help bridge the gap between the diabetes and medical community.

Doing Diabetes Differently: Empower a Healthier You
by Chad T. Lewis

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Featured Stories & Podcasts

#147: Farhaneh Ahmadi | Humanizing the Diabetes Experience

Farhaneh Ahmadi is the Founder and CEO of eddii, a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with diabetes. Her vision is to make every eddii user feel motivated to achieve long-lasting health outcomes, and enjoy doing so! In this episode we discuss her personal Type 1 diabetes journey, the inception and benefits of eddii, gamification, and why the app operations are based in Oklahoma.


#146: Harold Hamm | Game Changer

Harold Hamm is world renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit and successful career in the oil and natural gas industry, but there is SO much more to this story. In this episode we discuss how a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis was a personal game changer, the Giving Pledge, the International Biomedical Research in Diabetes Award, and his commitment to solving many of humanity’s greatest challenges including diabetes, energy poverty, literacy and education.


A Journey of Resilience: Living with Diabetes for 17 Years by Thapi Semenya

Living with diabetes for 17 years has been a journey that has shaped every facet of my life. From the initial diagnosis to the daily management and the emotional rollercoaster in between, this path has been one of challenges and triumphs, teaching me invaluable lessons about resilience, self-care, and the power of community.


#145: Scott & Poppy Kinsel | Determine Who is the Pilot of this T1D Plane

Scott & Poppy Kinsel popped up on my radar after reading a heartfelt Facebook post about not letting type 1 diabetes slow life down after her recent diagnosis. In this episode we discuss Poppy’s misdiagnosis, navigating competitive sports, parenting, and what an epic adventure to Norway looks like with T1D.


#144: Katie Bone | You Have to Show Up if You Want It

Katie Bone had the diabetes community in awe of her drive and competitive spirit as she dominated the third ever American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship. In this episode we discuss a T1D family history, incremental boluses, teenage hormones, when to compete in wet shoes, and her motivation to continue a strict workout regimen.