Amber Clour, Diabetes Daily Grind founder, has dedicated the fourth chapter of her life to diabetes advocacy as she struggled to connect with others in the earlier years managing this disease. What started out as a blog in 2014 quickly blossomed into one of the largest diabetes related podcasts (Real Life Diabetes) in the world.

The Diabetes Daily Grind is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide real support and resources for all people living with diabetes. We’re not promising a cure, but use our stories to help bridge the gap between the diabetes and medical community.

Doing Diabetes Differently: Empower a Healthier You
by Chad T. Lewis

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Featured Stories & Podcasts

#155: Dr. Kevin Pantalone | We Truly Do Care

I’m breaking new ground with a special guest: Dr. Kevin Pantalone, an endocrinologist whose insights offer a fresh perspective on patient care.

In a recent poignant reflection, Dr. Pantalone shared the emotional impact of losing one of his patients, a woman living with Type 1 diabetes. His words shed light on a side of healthcare we often overlook—the connection between patients and their providers. In this episode we discuss how to effectively communicate with healthcare providers and how they can better serve the diverse needs of the patient population. 


The Show Must Go On

I had every intention of sharing a heartfelt post about celebrating my 40th diaversary back in January, but as life tends to do, diabetes, new podcasts, and adventures took over. Nevertheless, it’s time to catch you up on some exciting developments.


Unearthing Diabetes Discoveries #1 | Ulf Hannelius, Diamyd Medical

Welcome to Unearthing Diabetes Discoveries, your inside look at cutting-edge diabetes research. In this episode, I chat with Ulf Hannelius, CEO of Diamyd Medical, about their groundbreaking investigational immunotherapy that aims to safely and specifically slow down or halt the autoimmune destruction of insulin producing cells. 


#154: Mia Fasanella | Celebrating Your Uniqueness

After her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Mia Fasanella became a certified yoga instructor, using yoga and meditation to navigate the uncertainties. As a second-grade teacher, she fosters a supportive classroom environment by embracing her diabetes, inspiring her students to celebrate their uniqueness. In this episode we discuss the fascinating story of how her father unraveled her unique Type 1 diabetes family history, the importance of being mindful, and how to navigate the classroom.


Just the Facts #1: Dr. Andrew Bugbee | Diabetes in Animals

This particular podcast subject, diabetes in animals, sparked my interest after I learned about Quincy, a koala bear at the San Diego Zoo, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2018, was insulin dependent, and wore a CGM. It made me think – why do animals have diabetes and is it the same as mine? Fascinating!