#127: Rob Howe | Information is a Great Currency

It’s always nice to connect with someone equally as passionate as I am about serving our community. Rob Howe is a fellow podcast host and serial entrepreneur making a difference in the diabetes space. In this episode we discuss Rob’s latest project and how we can work together to reach the underserved – one Regional Food Bank at a time.

BIO: Rob Howe has been living with Type-1 Diabetes for 18 years. He is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Podcaster and former professional basketball player. In 2015, Rob founded Diabetics Doing Things, in an effort to raise awareness around the amazing things that Type-1 Diabetics are doing around the world. Over the years the podcast has grown into a media company driving practical applications for people with Diabetes.

As of 2022, Rob’s podcast has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, from listeners in over 70 countries. Rob also is co-founder and Managing Partner of Recreation Dallas, a performance creative advertising agency located in Dallas. Rob lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Erica and their fur babies, Michael J. Fox, Rowan and Enzo.


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