#129: Valerie Cantella | The Gift of Good Enough

Valerie Cantella’s message, recovering perfectionist, resonates with me on SO many levels. In this episode we discuss how different phases of her life and diabetes management helped her recognize and fully embrace the mindset – the gift of good enough.

BIO: Valerie Cantella is an award-winning multi-passionate communications and public affairs professional living a life beyond her wildest dreams. She is the author of Off-Script: a mom’s journey through adoption, a husband’s alcoholism, and special needs parenting. She shares her journey as a mother of teens with mental health issues, the struggles of special needs parenting, the effect of alcoholism on a marriage, and how she learned to embrace the unimaginable to create an extraordinary life.

Valerie calls herself a recovering perfectionist and is passionate about using her experiences to help others. She volunteers with organizations supporting those with mental health and substance abuse issues and serves on the County’s Behavioral Wellness Commission. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1980 but has never stopped her from living a full life.


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