#131: Jessica Landon | Embracing the New Normal

Jessica Landon, like many T1D parents, is doing her best to put a positive spin on the new “normal” life she and her family are living. In this episode we discuss how and why her family celebrate Lindsey’s diagnosis date, a Facebook post and the flood of comments from the online community – both good and bad.


Jessica Landon is a devoted wife and mother of two children. She became a T1D momma in 2019, after her youngest child, Lindsey, was diagnosed at the young age of four years old. Since diagnosis, Jessica has focused on advocating for her daughter, making sure that all of her needs are met.

Shortly after diagnosis, Jessica and her family became very involved with JDRF. She is now an Outreach Volunteer, contacting newly diagnosed families, offering comfort and support. Her daughter, Lindsey, is now a JDRF Youth Ambassador, sharing her story and participating in a variety of events with other T1D kids.

Jessica is also very passionate about spreading awareness for T1D! She openly shares her family’s story in hopes of educating others about the disease, and how to recognize the signs/symptoms of T1D. She also partners with Beyond Type 1, sharing information about DKA, as well as other programs that they offer, to their local community.

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