#133: Thapi Semenya | I Need to Take Myself Seriously

Thapi Semenya is in her final year of law school, is an IDF Young Leader in Diabetes Trainee, a Dedoc voice, a professional advisor for the Luna Project UK and a strong diabetes advocate. We connected on LinkedIn after I read her mindful post about lowering her A1c and what steps it took to get there. 


I am a passionate diabetes advocate who has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 16 years. I use my social media platforms to educate the public about multiple chronic conditions: diabetes, vitiligo and bipolar disorder. 

I started advocating in 2018 when I realized that I actually wanted to form a community and provide a space where people living with diabetes can come together and share their hopes and struggles. My advocacy efforts focus on access to basic diabetes management needs and affordability to diabetes technologies.

I volunteer at the Luna Project UK (a charity committed to raising awareness and supporting disabled young people) as a professional advisor, and at Mutual Aid Diabetes as part of media & communications. 

I am in my final year of law school and plan to specialize in health law. I am also a trainee in the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes program for 2022-2024. 


2 thoughts on “#133: Thapi Semenya | I Need to Take Myself Seriously

  1. My first time listening. Good episode. Thapi’s comment about rage bolusing got me to thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever rage blouses before. I have however , pout bolused on a few occasions. 😀

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