#134: Serena Valentine | The Change We Want to See Starts With Us

Serena Valentine, was misdiagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her twenties. This misdiagnosis is one of the many reasons she is a passionate advocate for health equity, eye health and diabetes education. In this episode we discuss Serena’s misdiagnosis, diabetes complications, healthcare disparities, food deserts and her advocacy efforts.


Serena Valentine, is an American Diabetes Association Focus on Diabetes Champion living in Houston, TX. Serena was incorrectly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in her twenties. It wasn’t until a visit to her OBGYN revealed she was actually living with type 2 diabetes. Serena lost vision in both eyes for 9 months due to diabetes-related eye disease before surgery helped her regain some sight in her left eye. Now, Serena dedicates her time to raising awareness about diabetes and diabetes-related eye disease through her work with the ADA and as a Diabetes Peer Educator and Executive Director of CORE Initiative, a Houston non-profit focused on health and wellness education and support.


2 thoughts on “#134: Serena Valentine | The Change We Want to See Starts With Us

  1. This was an amazing interview, and the Advocacy work you and Serena are doing is extremely important and impacts so many. This interview should be shared with anyone who has Diabetes or a loved one that does, and with our Politicians. So much work to be done. Thanks Amber for another great interview.

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