#137: Reverend Mireya Martinez | I’m All About Being Real

Reverend Mireya Martinez was a panelist on the Crushing: The Burden of Diabetes on Patients session during SXSW in Austin, Texas where she dominated the conversation in my opinion. In this episode we discuss her life as an insulin dependent person living with Type 2 diabetes, healthcare disparities and how she is writing her own story.


Rev. Mireya Martínez is an Ordained Elder in the UMC, a Type 2 Diabetic, and a self-proclaimed Hope Junkie. These are the lenses through which she views and experiences the world. It is her mission to be the first in her family to intentionally conquer diabetes, and to write her own story. She is known for her “can-do” attitude. ¡Sí, se puede!

Pastor Mireya’s “whys” are her goddaughters Judith (6) and Julie (2). She wants them to know life is good, and to seize every good opportunity presented to them. In 2020, she and Judith were featured in a Health Monitor Magazine issue dedicated to Diabetes Education.

Pastor Mireya places education in the highest regard. It was the key her parents used to escape poverty. She holds a BA in Spanish and a Master’s of Divinity.

It is her philosophy that we are all better and stronger when we share our experiences with each other. She is open and honest about both the highs and lows she’s experienced in life.

Pastor Mireya serves as Senior Pastor of Pattison UMC and sits on multiple boards in her denomination, community, and the Greater Houston area.


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