#142: Bryan Flynn | Your Pancreas Left About an Hour Ago and It’s Not Coming Back

I can’t remember a joke to save my life so finding someone who can, with the addition of diabetes humor, makes Bryan Flynn the perfect guest. In this episode we discuss Bryan’s advertising career with clients like Starburst and Mars candy, his crazy dog Darla who keeps him in shape, winning the funniest person in advertising contest, and all of the jokes. 


Bryan Flynn is an award-winning advertising copywriter who grew up in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. He studied advertising at Iona University and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes his senior year. After school he worked in advertising at an entry level position.

From there Bryan moved to New York City and where he worked as a copywriter for a non-creative agency so he started doing stand-up comedy at night. He won the “funniest person in advertising” stand-up comedy contest which helped him land a job at one of the best agencies in the world, BBDO.

His first big job was shooting a campaign for the US Navy with Spike Lee in addition to working on Snickers, AT&T, Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, and Swanson campaigns and then moved on to work for TBWA/Chiat Day (BNY Mellon bank).

Bryan is now a freelance writer and was asked two years ago by actor Harry Lennix (The Black List, Justice League) to write a movie for him. Along with a friend from his stand up days, he did, Harry loved it and it’s officially in pre-production with Federico Castelluccio (The Sopranos) set to direct.

Bryan lives in midtown Manhattan with his dog Darla and invites others to join in him in watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade which was rerouted to go right by his home. All T1Ds are welcome and encourages you to bring extra insulin because the bagels are huge.


One thought on “#142: Bryan Flynn | Your Pancreas Left About an Hour Ago and It’s Not Coming Back

  1. Great podcast! I was a classmate of Brian’s. Super guy and what a wonderful podcast. Great to hear his voice again. Very interesting podcast. Thank you for sharing.

    Tracy Brothers

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