#145: Scott & Poppy Kinsel | Determine Who is the Pilot of this T1D Plane

Scott & Poppy Kinsel popped up on my radar after reading a heartfelt Facebook post about not letting type 1 diabetes slow life down after her recent diagnosis. In this episode we discuss Poppy’s misdiagnosis, navigating competitive sports, parenting, and what an epic adventure to Norway looks like with T1D.


Scott Kinsel – I am an entrepreneur and photographer. We live in Houston TX. I have three kids – Poppy 13, Max 14, Luke 7. Nobody in our family has any autoimmune diseases or diabetes. We are “health nuts”.  I am 6x marathoner, Ironman etc.  

Penelope “Poppy” is 13 years old and going into 7th grade. She’s a multi-sport athlete and competes at a very high level. Until her diagnoses on March 27, 2023, Poppy literally never got sick. Ever. 

Poppy is special. Her positive attitude and determination are remarkable. She’s been that way her entire life. Quit is not in her vocabulary. Her diagnosis has not slowed her down at all. It’s like she’s had it her entire life and just keeps moving forward. She eats low carb. Biggest struggle is managing high intensity exercise and competition. Worst moment for her was when a group of boys made a crude joke about diabetes. It was a teaching moment because she didn’t know how to respond. Now she does. Aside from that, she has an amazing (sweet) friend group and great teammates that support her 100%.


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