#147: Farhaneh Ahmadi | Humanizing the Diabetes Experience

Farhaneh Ahmadi is the Founder and CEO of eddii, a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with diabetes. Her vision is to make every eddii user feel motivated to achieve long-lasting health outcomes, and enjoy doing so! In this episode we discuss her personal Type 1 diabetes journey, the inception and benefits of eddii, gamification, and why the app operations are based in Oklahoma.


Farhaneh Ahmadi did her PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge, where she focused on signaling pathways of innate immune cells and her Masters in Immunology at Oxford. She started eddii when she was doing her MBA at Harvard. She volunteers at many healthcare organizations and worked as a consultant in London before founding eddii. She enjoys going for long walks, good coffee and skimming through biz books.

eddii: eddii is a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with T1D. Using games, educational character-led activities, and AI-enabled conversation (coming soon!), eddii becomes a smart health buddy, giving users real-time feedback, support, and in-app rewards in return for healthy behavior. In addition, the app integrates users’ real-time Dexcom CGM readings, delivering updates on blood glucose levels, in turn reducing stress levels for T1D parents.


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