#149: Kayla Chorley | Normalizing These Experiences

Kayla Chorley, is a certified Canadian Counsellor and therapist whose practice extends her support for individuals living with Type 1 diabetes and focuses on areas of burnout, diabetes distress and hypoanxiety. Having lived with T1D for 23 years, she is deeply passionate about supporting mental health in our community. In this episode we discuss diabetes and mental health, and her experience with Canadian healthcare.


Kayla Chorley, BEd MACP CCC, is a certified Canadian Counsellor and Counselling Therapist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Through her private practice, Pineapple Therapy, she extends her support to individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), primarily focusing on areas such as burnout, diabetes distress, and hypoanxiety. Additionally, she can be found at the Edmonton Diabetes & High-Risk Foot Clinic once a month and serves as a committee member for the annual Diabetes + Mental Health Conference, held virtually each year.

Having lived with T1D for 23 years, Kayla is deeply passionate about supporting the mental health of the T1D community, drawing from her personal experience of the emotional toll that living with this chronic condition can take. She firmly advocates that mental health and wellness are key components of diabetes management, often overlooked in diabetes care.

As a result of her dedication, Kayla has been invited to speak about diabetes and mental health on numerous podcasts and had the honor of providing a keynote address at the 2023 JDRF Walk For the Cure. Furthermore, she regularly hosts webinars for parents and caregivers who are supporting children and teens living with T1D.

Kayla provides both online and in-person counseling services to individuals across Alberta and various other regions of Canada.

Beyond her professional life, Kayla enjoys camping in the mountains, walking her dogs, spending time with family, watching Oilers games, and collaborating with her partner on home renovation projects.


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