#150: Jazz Sethi | Finding People Who Believe in Good Work

Jazz Sethi, is the founder and director of The DiaBESties Foundation – a global movement to make those with Type 1 Diabetes feel heard, understood, supported and celebrated. She is also a certified diabetes educator, a professional dancer, choreographer, theatre artist, and a published author. In this episode we discuss what living with T1D in India looks like, D-Coded, and her ever growing advocacy efforts.


Jazz Sethi is the founder and director of The Diabesties Foundation – a global movement to make those with Type 1 diabetes feel heard, understood, supported and celebrated – with a dedicated youtube channel, monthly meet ups, Awareness tours, education programs, access and advocacy drives and several other creative projects. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 13 and currently on a pump, CGM and DIY Loop. 

She was the IDF’s Young Leader of Diabetes for South East Asia for 2019-2022 term representing India.  The Diabesties Foundation works closely with Diabetes India, RSSDI, and NHS England for developing projects and publications. Jazz is also a certified diabetes educator and did her training with the IDF program. 

She is also a professional dancer, choreographer, theatre artist and a published author. She completed her training from Broadway Dance Center in New York and the AEF from Florence.  Her mantra is simple – Live Happily and Bolus Regularly.  

The Diabesties Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the healthcare sector. We are actively involved in creating diabetes awareness and spreading Type 1 diabetes education to Indian society at large. We believe that healthcare is a fundamental right as well as duty of every Indian. From healthcare providers to family, friends and relatives, we are all stakeholders in this journey. We also work predominantly for Awareness, Advocacy and Access. Diabesties is a movement dedicated to making every individual living with Type 1 diabetes, non-communicable diseases and disabilities feel heard, understood, supported, loved and celebrated.


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