#152: Brooks, Dan & Scott | Dads & Diabetes: Navigating the Sweet (and Spiky) Side of Fatherhood with T1D Daughters

I’ve recently had the opportunity to connect with three fathers who shared their experiences of raising daughters, aged 11 to 16, living with Type 1 diabetes. In this groundbreaking episode, Dan Kendall, Brooks Ratzlaff, and returning guest Scott Kinsel, provide insights into the unique challenges and joys of being a father to a T1D daughter. This episode delves into poignant topics such as diagnosis stories, navigating puberty, the nuances of dating, and the delicate balance of paternal guidance without exerting excessive control over their daughters’ evolving lives.


Dan Kendall is the founder of Mission Based Media, the company behind podcasting brands Health Podcast Network, Digital Health Today and, most recently, Health Unmuted. Dan has spent nearly 30 years in the healthcare sector across various roles in product development, sales, and marketing.  He has led innovation projects in medical device, technology and pharmaceutical companies to develop novel solutions for healthcare professionals as well as patients. Now, at Mission Based Media, he is building a podcast and media ecosystem to engage, educate and empower audiences with information about health and well-being.

Scott Kinsel: I’m a dedicated husband and father of three, ages 14, 13 and 8 and reside in Houston, Texas. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, but when I can, I get off the grid to photograph wild places and things.  

My middle daughter Penelope “Poppy” was diagnosed March 27 of this year and we have no history of auto immune disease. While our T1D journey has been brief, I feel like we’ve learned a lot, but realize there is still so much more to learn. Our latest development –  Poppy has celiac, which threw us a curve ball, but with the right attitude and continued effort, I’m optimistic we can adjust to it, just like Type 1 diabetes. Poppy’s first checkup post diagnosis was two weeks ago and her A1C was 6. I am so so proud of her! 

Brooks Ratzlaff has spent the last 15 years in the oil and gas service industry. He currently owns FieldPoint Energy Services, that he helped found in 2018. He sold Petroleum Water Solutions, which he founded, in 2013 and has been involved in multiple acquisitions and divestitures in his career. 

He and his wife, Laney, have five kids and reside in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Brooks currently serves on the JDRF Oklahoma Chapter Board and will be joining the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Advisory Board in January 2024. 

Brooks’ daughter, Haddie, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November of 2020. He has embraced himself in the fight to bring awareness and to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. He enjoys golfing, traveling and coaching 8th grade boys basketball in his spare time!

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