#153: Saira Khan-Gallo | I’m Not Noncompliant

Saira Khan-Gallo is on a mission to bridge the gaps in diabetes outcomes by championing equitable and patient-centered healthcare. In this episode we delve into Saira’s unique story of meeting her husband through matching insulin pumps, her time in the Peace Corps, a passion project close to her heart, and how Type 1 diabetes is a family affair. 


Saira Khan-Gallo, MPH is the Content Marketing and Access & Equity Lead at Tidepool, a nonprofit that is a recognized innovator in diabetes software. After more than a decade of experience in nonprofit management and program development, Saira is committed to bridging disparities in diabetes outcomes across populations. 

100% of Saira’s family relies on insulin and juice boxes to stay alive – she was diagnosed when she was 8 years old, met her husband through their matching insulin pumps, and both of their daughters also live with Type 1 diabetes. 


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