#154: Mia Fasanella | Celebrating Your Uniqueness

After her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Mia Fasanella became a certified yoga instructor, using yoga and meditation to navigate the uncertainties. As a second-grade teacher, she fosters a supportive classroom environment by embracing her diabetes, inspiring her students to celebrate their uniqueness. In this episode we discuss the fascinating story of how her father unraveled her unique Type 1 diabetes family history, the importance of being mindful, and how to navigate the classroom.


Mia Fasanella received the life changing diagnosis of type 1 diabetes 8 years ago, at the age of 19. Shortly after her diagnosis she became a certified yoga instructor. Her yoga and meditation practices shaped how she was able to manage the uncertainty of living with diabetes and gave her physical, mental and emotional strength. Mia is a second grade teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools in the Bronx. Mia’s openness about her journey with diabetes extends into her classroom, where she shares her experiences with her students. Mia believes that embracing her diabetes fosters a supportive classroom environment and encourages her students to celebrate the aspects of themselves that make them unique. 


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