Eye Opening Moment Of Clarity

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So I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been doing quite a bit of spiritual homework for the past couple of years. I often talk about this journey with Ryan and my close friends – but today I announce to the world a milestone – my Sacred Wound. In previous posts I mention my new found ability to talk about diabetes and today I had a moment of clarity – Diabetes has been my Sacred Wound and I’m ready to release it.

This journey began in early 2013 when I realized (was informed) my soul energy was at about 30% on a good day.
I immediately started to beat myself up because this is my fault and how in the hell am I going to increase my energy… I started reading. I did a ton of research and won’t bore you with the audio books, mediations and practices, but the journey continues to bring new things to light. A book I started about two months ago, “Calling In The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas is my newest read. I HATE the title, but have thoroughly enjoyed the concept and homework. The homework for Lesson #12 is what brought me to write this post. (more…)

Tuesday Topic: Does Your Vote Count?

Your Vote Counts

As today is a very important election day, it made me think of how diabetes has swayed my vote at times.  Not really a conscious decision, but as an intelligent, self employed adult, I had to research the candidates and determine with all of the political bullshit, who actually cared about my well being and pursuit of happiness considering the obstacles I might face with this disease.

In October, 2012, DiabetesMine published an article, The Politics of Diabetes in Election Season. As I read the article, I scrolled down to the comment section and was shocked by an anonymous writer. It spoke to me for a number of reasons.

The anonymous writer shared: As a child, my father coached me from an early age that I could not be an artist, an entrepreneur, a small business owner… in short, he coached me I could NOT be ANYTHING I wanted to be.

The reason for this was simple. I had Type 1 diabetes and unless I worked for a big company, I would never be able to get coverage by myself. (more…)

Halloween Highs & Lows – Adult Content

Halloween Highs & Lows

I want to start by saying this post is filled with curse words and real emotions, so if you are easily offended – STOP reading now.  This photograph sums up my thoughts on how I feel about diabetes. My weekend was a shitshow of highs and lows and I DID NOT consume a single piece of fucking candy. I’ve created a timeline of events so you can understand how everything diabetes worked against me.


  • 11am – Have an incredibly stressful meeting where I could feel my blood pressure rise. I acted calmly and only broke down in the privacy of my office. Heated discussions soon followed and I took the rest of the afternoon to fester.

Friday/Halloween: (more…)

Deceptively Delicious – Pumpkin Doughnut Recipe

Deceptively Delicious

Happy Glorious Game Day Saturday.  I just had a wonderful time watching OU dominate Iowa State and struck up an interesting conversation – healthy pumpkin doughnuts.  My dear friend Pam had a gaggle of children spend the night and they sprung out of bed this morning to make pumpkin doughnuts.  How festive!  Pam being the rational adult considered the previous evenings consumption of all things sugar and Halloween so she picked a healthy, yet delicious recipe to start the day – which also serves as an easy way to sneak in a vegetable.


She has an adorable cookbook, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Recipes to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food.  The book is chalked full of wonderful ideas to sneak veggies into everyday meals.  You might think this book was written to trick children, but I am willing to bet there are a few finicky adults that could be fooled into eating something healthy.

I hope you enjoy this festive, fall recipe. (more…)