#122: Qiana Drew | You’re Really Only as Strong as Your Foundation

If you can name it, you can tame it! In this episode, Qiana Drew clears up some misconceptions and shares how, when it came to her diabetes, she would often do things to try and keep up with her thin peers. Eventually, she realized this mindset was not a healthy way to live and decided to share her journey with Type 1 diabetes and diabulimia to help others live their best life.


Qiana Drew is a singer, public speaker, and health coach for people with Diabetes. She currently serves as part of Beyond Type One’s leadership council. Working with celebrities such as Missy Elliot and even making it onto the American Idol Hollywood stage has colored her life with unique experiences.

Diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at the beginning of her entertainment career, it was an eating disorder that made it impossible to put the importance of Diabetes management above all else. Propelled by the birth of her daughters, Qiana’s recovery from Diabulimia inspired her mission to empower people with Diabetes through health coaching, song, and the curating of experiences to support one’s journey to wellness.

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  1. I think my third Girl Friend said something like if she could name it she could tame it and she mentioned Billy Jacobs. That was the last thing I recalled for a few minutes.

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