If You Do These 4 Things While Dating, Please Stop

Diabetes Do Nots

How does this whole diabetes thing play out when we date people? Do we address it early? Do we conceal it for several months? It can be complicated. It certainly weighs heavily on the minds of many an insulin-dependendent. Hopefully the next four tips will shed some light on the diabetes dating scenario.

1) On a first date or encounter, avoid the cliche “I should probably tell you something” line.

You don’t have kids (well maybe you do) or a sexually transmitted disease (well… yeah, my apologies if you do). Don’t make a big deal out of it. Let it come up naturally–like when your CGM wakes them up at 3AM.

2) Don’t find excuses to bring up diabetes as some badge of honor.

Please don’t say something like this, “It’s funny that you mention your childhood because when I was I child I was diagnosed with diabetes.” Everybody else has their own shit. Just because we stick ourselves with needles does not make us special. Although… in some situations… diabetes can be a useful pickup tactic. I’m digressing. This wasn’t supposed to be the message today. You can read more here if interested.

3) When diabetes does arise in the dating timeline (possibly right off the bat, or after a few hangouts), be open to their reaction.

Predicting how a person will react to you having diabetes is difficult. Some think it’s no big deal. Some will ask a zillion questions. Most will have a childhood friend who use to steal their candy (guilty). The only thing we can control is how we view diabetes on a daily basis. If we view it as an eternal obstacle, only dragging us down, this is how the other person will view it for us. Instead, let’s view diabetes as a central figure in the evolution of us into our best selves.

4) If you find yourself in a scenario involving alcohol, especially on a first date, do not make them take care of you.

This should be self-explanatory but we’re not perfect. If you end up saying weird stuff because you’re low and are begging for sugar from any source, on a first date, this is a pretty good predictor of a bleak future.

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    Is your surname really Fightmaster? What a great name !
    I love your blog.
    Very inspiring. 🙂
    Very funny.
    Don’t ever stop please.

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