3 Major Concerns About Living Alone

Single Life

My life is very different than the average person my age. I’ve never been married, don’t have children and have shared my home with a housemate for the past 10 years. This unconventional lifestyle allowed me to pursue my dreams and the freedom to travel, but next month everything changes. I’m branching out and going back to living alone. YAY ME!

I look forward to walking around naked, leaving dishes in the sink, having multiple closets to house my shoes and storing diabetes supplies wherever I want.  Even though this is an exciting new phase in my life, living alone brings up a few concerns.

  • Low Blood Sugar – What if I completely bottom out in the middle of the night? Who would find me? I’m not really sure why this is a concern because I’ve battled the low blood sugar beast at night for 31 years.
    • + Thought – I can be more diligent about storing emergency supplies in my nightstand.
  • Sickness – Who will take care of me if I get sick?
    • + Thoughts –  I rarely get sick and am now closer to my doctor’s office.
  • Emergency Contact – When filling out the lease application, it asked for two emergency contacts. I always list my mother, but she lives about 30 minutes away and having an OKC person seems important so I ask Ryan if he could be my 2nd contact. His response, “Do It.”
    • + Thought – I feel confident Ryan could handle anything should he be contacted.

While writing this post, I force myself to take a deep breath and calm down. I’m not on a deserted island – I am in downtown Oklahoma City less than a mile from close friends. Living alone can be difficult for anyone and with the exception of low blood sugar, I am just like the next person. Independence is grand and I can handle anything.

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