3 Tips To Dominate Uncharted Food Territory


Last night I returned home from the Oklahoma Symposium and am happy to report my diabetes didn’t slow me down. The weekend was packed with panels, lectures and networking – not to mention a beer tasting and nightly cocktail hour. In years past this eventful weekend has been a bit of challenge, but this year I took charge. I’m happy to report three shifts in thinking that proved smoother sailing when navigating uncharted food territory.

1. Don’t be afraid to express your dietary needs.

The Saturday evening meal looked wonderful, but happen to be a filet so I was served the other option – white pasta w/red sauce and sautéed carrots. No thank you! I asked the server if the kitchen would be kind enough to whip together a grilled chicken breast and some steamed broccoli. After speaking with three servers and the chef, I was served exactly what I requested. YAY ME!

Symposium Dinner

2.  Know your numbers.

Heading into the Saturday afternoon beer tasting my BG was 181. I went back & forth as to whether or not I should shoot up. I chose to wait until after the tasting because I had no idea what and how much I would be consuming. I stayed on top of my numbers, sampled some wonderful Oklahoma brews and didn’t experience any major high BGs.

BG 181

3. Pack snacks.

I felt confident this year about what to pack – coconut water & oil (coffee addiction), a sports drink for the emergency low BG, fresh fruit, crackers, Whole Foods cranberry bars and nuts. I also inquired and found out the facility would put a mini fridge in my room should I request one.

I hope these three simple tips help make your next conference, symposium or retreat an easier one. Don’t feel guilty should you have a special request and be proactive in expressing your needs. Feel free to share your tips or ideas in the comment box below or on the DDG Facebook page.

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