5 Ways to Back Off the “High” Cliff

Walking off the "High" blood sugar cliff

High blood sugar sucks. Really though, it changes who you are. You become angrier. Patience has no meaning anymore. The idea of a nap rules over everything else in the world. Things that you love, my example would be cycling, sound detestable. Someone could ask me to go cycling and I’d want to respond with “I hate bicycles!”.

Okay, I know you get it. So how do we still function as human beings while high? I have a few hacks that I’ve learned via trial by fire over the 15 #blessed years of my life:

1) Repeat “Life is impermanent. How you feel now, will soon change.”

– Just reminding myself that all will be okay again is reassuring. It’s easy for us to believe that our current struggle will last forever but it’s just not reality. It always gets better.

2) Move! Take a quick walk around the block.

– This might be the hardest part. It is so hard to convince yourself to do this. Nothing works better to boost insulin delivery than a little movement.

3) Stop eating.

– Okay, I lied. This is the hardest one, especially when you’re actually starving. I’m in the camp of believers in the idea that normal carb ratios don’t apply when high. I like to let my body focus on only trying to get my blood sugar down.

4) Let yourself get mad.

– My most angry moments amount to the times where I’ve tested my blood sugar, after having already taken insulin to come down, to then see that my blood sugar is higher! Damn the pump! Damn the insulin! Damn this disease! It’s okay to be angry at the disease. Try to remember #1 after you vent a bit. Never take out that anger on a family or friend. If you do, just apologize.

5) Take a nap.

– There’s a reason this is the last tip. I like to know that my blood sugar is on its way down before snoozing on the couch. Nothing’s worse than waking up from a nap and still being high. Nothing’s better than waking up and being in range.

Have your own high blood sugar management tip? Drop it in the comment box below!

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