7 Thoughts To Let Go Of Before 2015


1) It’s all my fault.

This can be the default response to any result caused by diabetes. At the end of the day, we’re the only ones in control. We can control our reactions but we can’t always control the circumstances.

2) No one understands what I go through.

Everyone has problems. It’s fine to be upset, angry, and frustrated. It’s never okay to pretend like no one else understands a struggle. People can help us, just give them a chance.

3) My friends must think I’m so weird.

So you said something strange around them when your blood sugar was out of whack. So what? Be honest and apologize. Always remember that friendships are built on hundreds, if not thousands of moments. One won’t burn it down.

4) My skin is the driest skin in the world.

No it isn’t. You won’t even think about your skin once April starts. Chill out and buy some better lotion.

5) I’m a failure because my a1c is above 7.

That number reflects the past. It doesn’t always reflect our effort and what’s going on in our lives. We control today. One day at a time.

6) I’m not normal.

The more this thought perpetuates, the more we distance ourselves from the people who care about us. They’re not normal either.

7) I’d be so much happier if I didn’t have this.

Oh yeah, I’ve been unhappy before, entirely because of diabetes. Yet, I always bounce back. No feeling is permanent. No insurance debacle, pharmacy screw-up, blood sugar, or flu lasts forever. We determine the power that diabetes has, right now. Let us accept and live our best lives.

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