A Coffee Introduction That Will Change Your Morning Forever

Coffee, Coconut Oil, and Diabetes

Welcome to the weekend. A few years back I heard about coconut oil’s unique ability to enhance the effectiveness and duration of caffeine on the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Initially, I started by using it before cycling races with my coffee or tea. I felt a difference. I didn’t have to eat as much during races. Then I ran across the Bulletproof Coffee concept from Dave Asprey. He claimed an elevated focus and insane increase in brain function. It works. In my experience, I feel a more balanced, focused, and sustainable energy with this recipe.

This is my slightly different take from the original Bulletproof Coffee. I added protein and ditched the butter. Enjoy.


– 8-12 oz of coffee, or however much coffee the morning demands
– 1-2 tablespoons of Veva Labs Coconut Oil
– 1 scoop of Orgain Chocolate Protein Powder (Optional)


Pour the coffee in the blender. Scoop in the coconut oil and protein powder. Blend on high. Pour the steaming concoction into your to-go mug and seize the day!

I cannot explain how amazing this tastes. My explanation will not do it justice. Give it a shot yourself.

Disclaimer: I usually save this for big test days. I do not do this everyday. I also like this after a morning workout.

Coffee can have effects on blood sugar. My blood sugar tends to rise even as I drink it black. Seems to boost my dawn phenomenon. For a more complete guide to coffee’s effects on blood sugar, check out Mike Hoskin’s recent post from DiabetesMine.com.

Please keep in mind that I am not espousing the health benefits of this compilation but merely presenting this as something that works for me. For a more detailed rundown on the science behind this Bulletproof spinoff of mine, check out Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof website.

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