A Week In The Life Of Amber’s T1D Diet

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The DDG does a fabulous job of documenting our favorite recipes and random food concoctions. In honor of the Sixth Annual Diabetes Blog Week, I want to highlight a few recipes that keep my healthy eating habits in check. As a T1D, my week begins with a mental check list:

  1. Grocery shopping – I’ve admitted in a few posts how I feel like a grocery shopping nazi because I frequent at LEAST three stores a week.
  2. Meal Planning – What am I craving and won’t mind eating a few times?
  3. Make A List – Put your cravings on paper after checking your cabinets for ingredients.
  4. Food Prep – Prioritize your weekly game plan and schedule time to prep food.

Whew.  It sounds like a lot, but these four steps help me to prepare and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Below are a few of my favorites – I hope they get your wheels turning and your mouth watering.

Breakfast: Blue Corn Breakfast Taco

  • I haven’t written a recipe for this finger-licking breakfast, but it’s super simple. Scrambled eggs, black beans, avocado, salsa and fresh cilantro. YUM! This recipe was a winner on Mother’s Day.

Brunch Taco

Lunch: Spring Has Sprung Crispy Asparagus Salad


Snacks: Simple Recipe To Feed Your Kale Addiction #1

Eat More Kale

Dinner: Whip It Together Stir Fry Recipe

Stir Fry Close Up

Cocktail: Game Day Breakfast Of Champions

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Preparing healthy meals is a HUGE part of my life. In fact my recent post, The Power And Influence Of Cooking From Home, documents how I sweet talked my way into a new gas stove once my landlord realized how important cooking is to me. I may not be a chef, but I’m a devoted culinary warrior and welcome new recipes – so shoot me a few ideas in the comment box below or post a link on the DDG Facebook page. Maybe we could have a cook off!!!!!

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