Another Happy Hour Full Of Enlightenment (Proving To Parents That Normalcy Is Possible)

Real LIfe Connection - T1D Happy Hour

It’s time for Round 2. We’re hosting our second happy hour, this time centered around parents and adults with type 1 diabetes. One might ask, why would we choose those two populations? Well, there’s wisdom to be gained from each other. For the parent of a kid with diabetes, the adult with the same disease can provide perspective (the DDG will not guarantee the quality of this perspective but suspect it will be a positive experience). For the adult with diabetes, hmmm… perhaps we will be enlightened as to how it felt to once be our own parents.

As always (I know, it’s only the second event, but it feels nostalgic to say it like that), the happy hour is meant to be casual, centered around good, honest conversation about how to live your best life with diabetes. Plus, if you happen to be a University of Oklahoma supporter, the Diabetes Daily Grind will fully support whatever outlandish (even profane) things you say during the basketball game against Texas A&M. We might be yelling a few of them ourselves.

Hope to see you there!

Particulars for the evening:

  • It’s TONIGHT! (March 24th)
  • Located over at Fassler Hall, Oklahoma City’s most convenient excuse to pretend like it’s Oktoberfest.
    • They’ve got plenty of TVs (for watching the OU Sweet Sixteen game).
    • A solid selection of german-inspired grub (brats, schnitzel, and other menu items with the word ‘haus’ in it).
    •  Right in the middle of midtown OKC off of NW 1oth St.
  • Starts at 5:30PM
  • Ends at 7:00PM (This is a soft event ending for the event. The OU/Texas A&M game begins at 6:37PM, therefore Amber and Ryan will be holding it down until 9ish most likely. You’re welcome to watch too! )
  • Here’s the Facebook Invite. Go ahead and RSVP there if you feel like it.
  • Hear about the Camp Blue Hawk experience from campers and parents! It’s a 5 day residential camp in Oklahoma. Their mission is to promote learning, enhance self-esteem, and foster independence in diabetes care in a safe camping environment.

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