#42: Amber & Ryan | Ask Us Anything #3 (Type 2 Clarification, Lows, Exercise, and Parenting)

Finally, the long-promised, definitely under-delivered Ask Us Anything┬ápodcast is back. The questions rolled in from Oregon, LA, NYC, and a suspected location below the Mason-Dixon line. Of note, we looked back at those practices we loved from our parents… and those we would advise against, kindly. As it turns out, low blood sugar symptoms change over time, and we covered our own evolution. Par for the course in most episodes, we politely disagreed about the distinction between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

***Sorry for the echo or “ear up next to a sea concha shell” effect. We figured it out right after the show. Won’t happen again.

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3 thoughts on “#42: Amber & Ryan | Ask Us Anything #3 (Type 2 Clarification, Lows, Exercise, and Parenting)

  1. T2D is “lifestyle diabetes” goes unchallenged on what is typically a really great science-based pod. That was disappointing. I understand that I have it easy as a T2D, but to describe T2D as “lifestyle diabetes” was offensive.

    • Good point WestPADad. The assertion should have been challenged. As you’ve noted, there’s more to it. In a horrible human habit, we made it all about us (people with T1D), instead of making an accurate distinction. In a perfect world I’d go back and say, “Type 2 diabetes is different than type 1 diabetes, yes, but it can also be more complicated in its cause. Although it’s influenced by lifestyle to a greater extent than type 1, sometimes even reversible, the variety of causal factors are huge, including genetics, environment, and even an idiopathic origin. Not to mention that the entirety of our culture (fast food, soda, and junk food) makes the path easier.” Not sure if this will provide insight, but I think our angle (and the questioner’s) was at an inner frustration that we people with type 1 can’t modify our own lifestyle to lessen our disease burden, a common misconception from the public. In some cases, nor can a portion a with type 2 diabetes. Appreciate the listen.

  2. Type 2 can and is being managed by many thru Diet only.
    VLCHP/F provides tools to maintain normal BS. Most recent A1C. 5.1.

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