Bad Weather Reserves – Part #2

Icy Roads

The Oklahoma weather keeps us on our toes. Last week I enjoyed cocktails on the patio, but last night temperatures dropped below freezing and the sleet and frozen rain kept me from falling asleep. Confession – I chose not to buy into the hoopla because the local media seem to heighten our fear of inclement weather. I enjoyed my lazy Sunday reading without a care in the world. I felt confident I could head out tomorrow, like most Mondays, to run errands. I was WRONG!

I awoke to my driveway being a solid sheet of ice and there is no way in hell I’m going to ice skate to the grocery store. This scenario reminds me of a post I put out during tornado season, Bad Weather Reserves. In this post, I seem to have it together when prepping for bad weather year round. I should have reread that post before deciding to turn my back on the weatherman.

As a T1D and a bit of a worrywart, I would normally have checked my medicine reserves (unlike Ryan who was recently snowed in with little to NO insulin), stocked the fridge and purchased plenty of red wine. For some reason, I decided to live on the edge this weekend and did none of the above. Thank goodness I am a grocery hoarder because I can tap into my reserves and still enjoy healthy meals.

I would love to hear from fellow T1Ds – How do you prep for bad weather or does it even cross your mind? Feel free to share in the comment box below or shoot us a Facebook comment.

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