Bad Weather Reserves

For the love of God, the Oklahoma weather keeps me on my toes.  Over the past couple of months, we have been terrorized by the local media that we will not be able to leave the house – stock up.  Grocery store(s) seriously looked like a war zone and one of them was actually out of chicken breasts. ???

I have created a check list of the “must have” items for a number of Oklahoma weather scares for a diabetic.

Tornado: candles, battery operated radio, flash light, cell phone charger, insulin, blood testing machine, mouth guard and red wine.

Ice or Snow Storm: books, games, popcorn, plenty of medicine, blood testing machine and red wine.

Summer Heat Wave: sunscreen, deodorant, water, gatorade or electrolyte infused fluids, cooler to store medicine (should I be outside), blood testing machine and cold beer.

Just kidding, but I really do worry about what I have in the cabinet when we get a storm warning.  I do my best to have fresh and frozen vegetables, fruit, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fancy cheese, rosemary & olive oil Triscuits and chicken or fish.  This is rarely a problem because I am kind of a grocery shopping nazi.  I find myself strolling the store isles at least two times a week. I kind of feel like it is a part time job – if only I were getting paid.

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