Birthday Wish List and What’s New in 2022

It’s time to PAR-TAY!! Today marks my 40 something birthday living with Type 1 diabetes. I’m grateful to have a platform to share my story and look forward to all 2022 has to offer. Thank you for being part of the journey as I’ve learned so much from your stories! Read on while we take a look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2021, plans for 2022, and birthday wishes for today.


  • Published 14 new Real Life Diabetes Podcast episodes – 114 episodes to date and counting.
  • Ranked the #1 Diabetes Podcast to follow.
  • Hosted weekly Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hours gathering/joining friends from across the globe. I mean that – shoutout to my friends in Scotland, England, Australia, Canada, and various US states. I began hosting this event in July of 2020 when those of us who were classified as “high risk” were quarantining.

  • Helped countless individuals find the resources (insulin and testing supplies) they need to survive.
  • Published my first article, Be Prepared: Surviving Natural Disasters with Diabetes, by diaTribe.
  • Transitioned the Diabetes Daily Grind to a 501(c)3 charitable organization – your donation is tax deductible. DONATE
  • Launched my Affiliate page featuring killer discounts for brands and services I dig.
  • Made exercise and meditation a priority.


  • Make a DONATION – funds raised help keep the website, podcast and advocacy efforts afloat!

  • Shop my Affiliate Page!  –       SO many brands and services who offer a killer discount and throw a little change my way.

  • Click on my tattoo before ordering and be sure to bookmark this page. Amazon throws a little change my way and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

  • Make a new friend in the diabetes community. I promise – you need this more than you know.
  • Advertise on the site. Please contact Penelope, penelope@diabetesdailygrind(dot)com to learn more.
  • Find someone who will “donate” their video editing skills to update my damn YouTube channel.


  • The Just the Facts Please podcast series will soon launch featuring industry leaders, medical gurus, research teams and IT geniuses. Contact Penelope if you’re interested in learning more. We are still looking for a premiere sponsor…

With your support, I will keep the episodes coming, keep you up-to-date on diabetes gossip, and make sure those in need have the support and resources they need to thrive. Thank you for an amazing year and making my birthday wishes come true.

Cheers to the Highs & Lows!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List and What’s New in 2022

  1. Damn it, Amber, you are catching up to me. Psst. This year will be number 48 for me; now I hear you are hot on my heels. Ok, just for that, I am going to live until June. Yeah, take that one, Amber. 🙂

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