#29: Amber & Ryan | The Catching-Up Show – Who are you Again?

One can only talk oneself for so long, right? Wrong, Amber and Ryan dedicated an entire show to each other (we thought they talked plenty already about themselves in ordinary episodes). In conversation a week prior, they realized much of life had passed by since they had a good sit-down chat. It was time t0 “catch-up” on life, diabetes, and pick-up strategies (Ryan heads to the trail and Amber heads to Whole Foods). Amber elaborates on a DDG post about her recent extraordinarily ignorant endocrinologist visit, while Ryan updates on his new, old-school approach to diabetes management.

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6 thoughts on “#29: Amber & Ryan | The Catching-Up Show – Who are you Again?

  1. Omg…31 yrs for me! I was so amused and enjoyed this podcast. It was my 1st time listening. I really hate having to lie about having a BF because of a creepy guy…i guess that’s what I have to do. I’m SO going to hit up my Whole Foods to pick up on men! Great advice!!!

    • Thank you Jenny for checking out your 1st Real Life Diabetes podcast. Please keep us posted if you score a date at Whole Foods. Ryan seems to have luck and Amber is skeptical…

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