Choose The Champion From The Contenders — Low Snack March Madness

The Low Blood Sugar Snack Champion

Our field of contenders is complete. Thank you to everyone who submitted their life-saving food or drink choices. In regards to many of the snacks, I can recall specific instances where I consumed that food when low. With that said, speaking from personal experience, I have written a review of the low blood sugar snack contenders.

It’s time for us to crown a champion of low blood sugar recovery. You get two votes. Pick two snacks off the list, yes, they must be on the list, and submit those two snacks in the comments section below. The DDG team will tally the votes and declare a champion at the beginning of next week. Voting will last one week.


They’re cheap and easy. Not usually an attractive description, but here, it’s perfect. Coming in at a smooth, versatile 27 carbs, this fruit gives your blood sugar a bang for its buck, with staying power due to the fiber.


My oh my. How to even describe this food. Cereal never sounds like a bad idea. 8AM. 3PM. 3AM. It’s always delicious and undoubtedly gets the blood sugar back above 80. Depending on your choice of cereal, say Frosted Flakes vs Raisin Bran, you may experience a vastly different speed of blood sugar return. Be careful with the grains though, often they’ll leave you much higher than anticipated.

Cranberry Juice

Sour but oh so sweet. If it’s in the fridge, I’ll pour a quick glass when low. At 31 carbs a cup, it gets the job done quickly. It also adds a little bit of variety in comparison to other juices. Not a bad mixer either.

Cranberry Fruit Strips

This is Amber’s go-to. If you see her purse, you’ve found the treasure. You can carry them anywhere and they offer just enough carbs to get you back in range at 14 per.


This is now a classic. I should own stock. Via crude estimations, I would guess that I have consumed over 1000 Gatorades in my life, due purely to low blood sugars, thanks to years of football, baseball, and running. It always works, yes, but there aren’t a whole lot of nutritional benefits coming with it.

Granola bars of the peanut butter variety

I consider myself a huge fan of all bars. Hold on, that didn’t sound right. I love granola bars. This is another portable and somewhat filling option to satisfy the pangs of a growling, low stomach. Solid choice. Nature Valley and Clif Bars have played prominent roles in my life.


Simple. Sweet. Nutritious, well, relatively nutritious in comparison to Gatorade.


If this is your staple of low treatment, skim will always get it done quicker than whole.

OJ straight from the jug

This suggestion epitomizes much of my life in respect to hygiene. I love this idea. Being low presents the ultimate chance to do things like this. You had to drink it straight from the jug–it was an emergency!

Orange, Pineapple, Banana Juice

This concoction is incredible. Sooooo good… And soooo much sugar. You’ll probably only need 8oz worth.


Great idea here. If you’re going to pig out, you might as well get your money’s worth. Plus, they’re vegan. Really, they are.

Peanut Butter Crackers

Is the peanut butter cracker industry paying off diabetes treatment professionals? For real, I feel like all of us have been told that this is a good idea. I’ve enjoyed many a pack. Their carb/fat/protein combo backs up the recommendation with a balance that can stabilize a glucose level for more than just a few minutes.

Submit your two favorite snacks below in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Choose The Champion From The Contenders — Low Snack March Madness

  1. OJ Straight from the jug and anything peanut butter, crackers, granola, or the good stuff itself! In this case I’ll go with the crackers, You can get those things anywhere, and as a diabetes educator, it’s definitely my easy go-to recommendation lol

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