Diabetes Hospitality Done Right

king william manor

As I’ve recently posted about diabetes related, travel debacles, I wanted to start your Monday morning with a positive travel experience.  I’m not bragging, but I’m lucky enough to visit dear friends each January in San Antonio who own what used to be called a “bed & breakfast”.  King William Manor no longer serves breakfast, but Craig & Alison are a wealth of knowledge as to local places to visit depending on our preferred diet.  They listen and sincerely care about your health problems or restricted dietary needs and offer a variety of options within walking distance.  Should you not want to walk you can rent a bike or grab a pedicab.  For those of you who travel – you NEED to make the King William Manor a future travel destination.

New restaurants and shops are popping up all the time in this historic arts district, but there are a few local venues you don’t want to miss.

  • The Friendly Spot – The Friendly Spot is a Texas Ice House with a relaxing twist. Let’s be Friends. Friendly eats served til Midnight everyday and there are over 250 bottled brews to choose from plus 76 on draft. Kids and Pets are welcome and they actually have a playground.
  • The Liberty Bar – Everything is made fresh and in-house down to the pasta and bread and the custom cocktails have hand squeezed juice with a Texas flare.

The Liberty Bar                                            Photo by Southern Living Magazine.

As a T1D, eating a healthy meal while traveling is very important to me.  It can be difficult to venture out and experience foods that are foreign to you, but this trip is always a culinary joy.  The owners of the King William Manor can steer you in any direction to get whatever you are craving – kale salads, huervos rancheros or the best veggie burger.  Diabetics can feel at home here so grab the kids and book a trip.

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