Does Diabetes Phantom Pain Really Exist?

I’m completely aware I sound crazy, but I’ve experienced a new diabetes scenario since jumping on board with the Dexcom G5. I want to be clear as I stated in a recent post, Losing My T1D Technology Virginity, the insertion of the device did not/does not hurt so this recent discovery had me questioning how my mind is processing a foreign object/device being attached to me…

Shortly after tapping into life with the Dexcom I started to experience an aching sensation of sorts in the arm that didn’t have the sensor. In fact, it was so profound at times I had to check to make sure what arm had the sensor. I felt crazy and thought it was just my mind adjusting to the foreign device. A few weeks later I changed the sensor to the opposite arm. I went about life until one day in a meeting, I had the same achy feeling in the opposite arm (original arm that had sensor) and couldn’t help but think – is this some type of phantom pain? Was my brain reacting in a weird way to remind my other arm the sensor was attached…?

I’ve had the Dexcom G5 for about two months and with each site change – I experience the same sensation. I’m not one for change and am not mentally prepared to switch to another part of my body just yet, but can’t help from thinking – would the same thing happen in another part of my body? I’ll keep you posted.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced a similar sensation. It would be wonderful to know I’m not alone.

3 thoughts on “Does Diabetes Phantom Pain Really Exist?

  1. I’ve had type 1 for three now and YES it exists. I feel the phantom pain in my arms and abdomen, sometimes weeks after removal from a site.

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