The Spring Break Guide: 4 Tips To Have The Time Of Your Life

The Diabetes Spring Break Guide

Let’s talk about Spring Break. I can feel it. I know you can too. It’s starting to warm up. Winter is fading away, well, for me because I live in Oklahoma, not Minnesota, and it’s trip taking time. Spring break is doable with diabetes. No doubt. Being out of college, I now look back fondly on the naivety of previous trips, filled with great memories and great luck. That being just said, here are my tips on how to not only survive spring break, but make it one for the ages.

Bring your glucagon kit

You know that red thing with a prescription label on it, probably in the back of your fridge? Either grab it, or pick up a new one at the pharmacy because that one in the fridge expired 3 years ago.

Pack snacks, on snacks, on snacks

Remember, we need food around. Most folks can skip a meal. We cannot skip meals. When I take a trip, I load up with Clif Bars, fresh fruit, and supplies to make almond butter, banana wraps. Being prepared to eat is paramount, especially when we talk about what’s next.

Stick to what you know

If you do indeed drink alcohol, stay with what you know. In an unknown environment, like the beach or ski slopes, in a place where you can’t just call a family member, this is not the scene to start beer bonging and taking shots at 10AM. Respect the alcohol. Our pancreas-decrepit bodies are not built to withstand the assault usually doled out by spring breakers. I don’t always condone staying in the comfort zone, but when it comes to spring break, the comfort zone is the place to be.

(We do not recommend the use of alcohol, but acknowledge its presence in all of our lives)

Triple check your supplies before leaving

It’s one thing to forget all of your insulin at home when you’re a kid. Parents can usually troubleshoot and figure it out. It’s another ballgame when you’re in college, with a group of friends, and possibly in another country. Reference my recent snowboarding experience.

Insulin? Check. Enough Insulin? Check. Test strips? Check? CGM sensors? Check. Does the CGM have enough battery? Check. Pump sites? Check. Batteries? Check. Glucagon kit? Check. Reservoirs? Check. Extra needles just in case? Check. Lantus just in case? Check.

Enjoy it everyone. Have the time of your life, because you prepared.

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