#25: Amber & Ryan | Dispelling (And Encouraging) The Hot Tub Urban Legend

The DDG invested a weekend afternoon to dispel a diabetes urban legend… HOT TUBS, and their effect on blood sugar. In this episode, they do scientific research, or something resembling the scientific method, while rambling about everyday life, social media and all things diabetes. Why hasn’t there been an experiment like this before? Well, maybe there has been, but the evidence was nowhere to be found. Leave it to the DDG to get to the bottom of this T1D fear. Bear witness folks, this is diabetes research history.

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  • Take a listen to the full DDG theme song by Mike Hosty, HERE. or check out the live version on this Youtube link
  • Amy’s post on her recent trip over to VEGAS.
  • Yes, someone has researched this topic. Yes, we tried to find as many links as possible to legitimate research. Here’s a list of the research and the findings:
Amber's Tester                                                                                         Please note Amber’s clean, organized Contour set up.
Ryan's "relatively" clean setup

Ryan’s “relatively” clean setup

  • Ryan crashed at Amber’s pad and scored a few Clif Shot Bloks so she wouldn’t find him wandering the halls of her home.

Clif Bloks


Ask Us Anything 2

Scene for the podcast:

Jean's Pool

2 thoughts on “#25: Amber & Ryan | Dispelling (And Encouraging) The Hot Tub Urban Legend

  1. I know everyone enjoyed Masterlab. Thank you for highlighting some of the great program.

    I referred your article to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of July 11, 2016.

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