Do The Cards Reveal My Diabetes Future?

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At a dinner party this weekend I met a lovely woman I’d heard so much about. Our mutual friend thought we should meet because of my constant rambling about spiritual homework and how it effects every part of my life, including my diabetes.  Sheryl was absolutely delightful – witty, attractive, accomplished, educated and able to share her thoughts and feelings without a care in the world. After dinner, we moved by the fire to partake in a Tarot Card reading. Tarot card readings aren’t for everyone, but my reading revealed a number of recent discoveries shared in previous posts (Sacred Wound).

Death Card

Death Your thoughts immediately jump to a loss of a life, but according to Eden Gray and other authors on the subject, it is unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness—not to be confused with self-consciousness or any kind of self-diminishment. In my recent post about my Sacred Wound, I described this new awareness as to how the disease had kept me from real relationships. The Death card for me represents an end to my self consciousness.

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups – The divinatory message is evident in this image, in that it represents fortunate marriage, contentment of the heart, and the perfection of human love and friendship. This is one of the most positive cards in the entire Tarot deck.  Yay Me!!  This card reinforces my change in consciousness and self acceptance.

The reading was a ton of fun and even though I probably should have focused my energy on finding a partner, I couldn’t help but relate the reading to my diabetes. As each new day helps me to shed a layer in the wall I’ve surrounded myself with, it is refreshing to know the cards are in my favor.

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