Does DDG Do the Bar?

DDG at Speakeasy

What do you drink at happy hour?

AC – I prefer a vodka with soda, single, tall with a splash of bloody mary mix.  Lime as a garnish.  I seem to consume them quickly so the extra soda water helps me from becoming intoxicated too quickly.  I LOVE a good bloody mary, but don’t want the sodium so a splash adds flavor.  At home or with my friends I am definitely a red wine person.

RF – I’m going beer. I lean hard toward the IPAs. Here in OKC I like to go with the Titan or Caldera. Or I like to find a cool looking/sounding beer on tap and order that. Red wine has its own time and place too.

If you know you’re staying out past midnight, what are you packing with you?

AC – I am rarely out past 10pm, but I always have a fruit strip or organic gummies.  I know that both items will raise my blood sugar enough w/o spiking it.  Worse case scenario I would ask the bartender for a shot glass of cranberry juice.

RF – Rarely will you find me without a Clif Bar in my back pocket. I’ve found that if you end up going low at the bar, that usually means you’ve had more than a few. If you’ve had more than a few, asking for cup of soda incognito usually doesn’t keep it up for very long. The combo of carbs, fat, and protein works for me. Plus they hit the spot when everyone else is chowing pizza. I usually break down my tester and distribute the parts into 3 separate pockets.

Do you test your sugar right in the middle of the bar?

AC – I have no problem pulling out my testing kit at the bar, but do my best to be somewhat discreet.  If I feel uncomfortable with the situation, I head to the restroom.

RF – If I think I’m low, I’ll probably go the restroom because that also means I’m feeling antisocial.  If not I’ll turn to one of my buds and ask him to hold my meter while I get a strip out and test.  That’s only if it’s a packed bar.  I don’t mind using a ledge.

If offered a shot, would you take it? Would you take another if offered? Would you expect any consequences?

AC – Depends on who’s asking… but in all honesty, I would probably take it or decline when the conversation came up.  I would also ask what it was before shooting it. Whiskey is preferred. Other than being shitcanned, I would not worry about any sugar issues.

RF – Depends on what time of the night. If I’ve already had more than enough, I muster as much will power as possible to decline. If it’s at the beginning of the night, I’ll just say no. No problem. On a special occasion I’ll go with some tequila or rum. Arriving at this point has definitely been trial by fire.

What’s your favorite local hot spot?

ACBlu Fine Wine and Food or SCRATCH Kitchen & Cocktails.  Both are locally owned by dear friends and within a few blocks of the gallery.

RFThe Mule. Good local beers and the most Portlandia place in OKC.

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