How to Do Diabetes at the Beach

Getting some feet wet in the rising tide.

Getting some feet wet in the rising tide.

Mid-august has arrived. Summer is holding on for dear-life. The chance for one last adventure looms. Us Oklahomans just spent a week on the Carolina coast, a place unfamiliar to the land-locked. Sun was had, drinks were guzzled, laughs were aplenty, and diabetes subtly influenced it all.

While out by the water, mostly drowning in an attempt to body-surf, we came up with 6 sure-fire ways to live it up on the beach with insulin-dependence:

– Pack the pool bag with YOUR go-to low blood sugar fixes. Amber packs fresh fruit and Ryan packs Larabars.

– Be aware of how much alcohol you’ve consumed in the past 24 hours. Overloading on insulin can happen here.

– Know that you’re expending a ton of energy (blood sugar) on sand or water.

– Get out of the middle zone. Don’t kill anyone else’s vibe with your 70 mg/dL negativity.

– Take a break to get real food. A pound of chips and french onion dip doesn’t count.

– Remember to put your pump back on after a trip out with the fishes.

Share your own summer, sandy diabetes experience below!

**Diabetes Daily Grind does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages, especially in excess. Although, The American Diabetes Association cites research showing that moderate alcohol consumption has little effect on blood sugar. If you have diabetes, practice caution and always wear an I.D. that notes your diagnosis.**

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