#41: Stephen Ponder, MD | You Can’t Stop The Waves, But… You Can Learn to Surf

Listening to someone give advice, you can usually tell the level of authenticity behind the statements. When chatting with Dr. Stephen Ponder, there’s no question about authenticity–this sugar surfing wisdom is a part of his being. Growing up with type 1 diabetes (for 50 years), becoming a CDE (certified diabetes educator) and then a pediatric endocrinologist, passion fuels a life committed to inspiring people with diabetes to live a normal, possibly extraordinary life.


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  • SugarSurfing.com
  • Dr. Ponder’s BOOK, Sugar Surfing
  • Dr. Ponder is the Medical Director of Lions Camp, a diabetes camp for kiddos.
  • Dr. Ponder enlightens us about a “pump runaway”
  • Pump therapy in the 70’s and 80’s was like the Wild West.
  • Static and dynamic elements to managing your diabetes.
  • Hypoglycemia can represent itself differently for everyone – bio feedback tool.
  • Diabetes skills are practicable. You HAVE to practice.

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