Our Escape From The 2017 Diabetes “Naughty” List

As many of us do as the holidays approach, we reflect on what we were forced to learn, or turned a blind eye to. I’m not just focusing on everyday stuff, but on my diabetes management or lack there of. I ask myself – Did I diligently count carbs? Did I do my best to stay on top of my numbers? Was I honest at the doctor’s office? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, the past is behind me and it’s time to focus on the future and how I can hopefully stay off of Santa’s diabetes naughty list for next year.

I’m no angel, especially when it comes to my diabetes management, but I firmly believe there’s always room for improvement. By sharing these tips to the diabetes masses, I hope to hold myself accountable in the following weeks.

Simple (always the hardest) tips to avoid the diabetes “naughty” list:

  • Don’t binge eat when your blood sugar bottoms out.

  • Wait 15 minutes before adding extra carbs to correct a low BG.

  • Rotate injection sites.

  • Change your lancet more than once a month… #LiberateYourLancet

  • Drink more water than wine.

  • Exercise for AT LEAST 3o minutes, four days a week.

  • Get outside of your workout comfort zone…

  • Try new recipes or at least healthier spins on holiday favorites.

There’s nothing on this list that’s grueling or unattainable. No excuses Amber! In fact, maybe this post was spawned by a current book that I’m reading/listening to for a third time, Excuses Be Gone by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I always find this book at the exact moment in my life when I really need it. I want to share two affirmations which really resonate with me and this message.

  • There’s nothing I’m unwilling to think or do in order to become all that I’m destined to become.
  • I have a free will and there’s nothing I need to avoid. I’ll refrain from using any of my excuses to justify my avoidance behavior.

Man – these affirmations hit home and I hope they spark a little something inside you to feel the same. Life is all about choices and some days we get it more than others. I refuse to beat myself up for the days that don’t play out as planned, but make them a reminder I can do a better job tomorrow…

As we’re all on this journey to live the best diabetes life, I would love to hear what you’re doing to stay off the diabetes “naughty” list while living life to the fullest.

Happy Holidays

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