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So I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been doing quite a bit of spiritual homework for the past couple of years. I often talk about this journey with Ryan and my close friends – but today I announce to the world a milestone – my Sacred Wound. In previous posts I mention my new found ability to talk about diabetes and today I had a moment of clarity – Diabetes has been my Sacred Wound and I’m ready to release it.

This journey began in early 2013 when I realized (was informed) my soul energy was at about 30% on a good day.
I immediately started to beat myself up because this is my fault and how in the hell am I going to increase my energy… I started reading. I did a ton of research and won’t bore you with the audio books, mediations and practices, but the journey continues to bring new things to light. A book I started about two months ago, “Calling In The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas is my newest read. I HATE the title, but have thoroughly enjoyed the concept and homework. The homework for Lesson #12 is what brought me to write this post.

“Write a brief “woundology” biography, not from the perspective of your victimization but, rather, from the perspective of your strength to overcome adversity and your courage in the face of hardship.  Identify the wounding that has since become your “Sacred Wound”—the wounding that is now your greatest strength and your contribution to others.  Write about your Sacred Wound.

Call at least one trusted confidant today and share your “woundology” biography from the perspective of your strength and resilience.  Share your heroism in the face of challenge, your bravery in response to profound disappointment.  Share with this person what your Sacred Wound is—the contribution that you now have to offer others as a result of the wounding that you endured.   I invite you to begin speaking your life story from this perspective from now on, as it will help you to create relationships where you are encouraged to be strong and which support you to grow yourself healthy and happy.”

I’d come to terms with diabetes being a major soul suck about 10 years ago when I reached my 20 year diaversary. Now in year 30, I’m able to express the mental state of affairs. I won’t share my actual answers to the homework, but in summary, I realized that diabetes is what has hindered me from finding a soul partner. Years ago in a past relationship with a man I absolutely adored, he won my heart with his comments about how he would take care of me should a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina hit. He went into great detail about his plan to have generators and coolers for my medicine and plenty of food and supplies just for me. 9 months down the road we split, but even today I can’t help recall my absolute shock with someone else caring about what I would have to deal with.

This Sacred Wound up until this point has been the one thing that has set me back from allowing another person into my life. How could anyone love someone damaged like me? The Sacred Wound helped mold me into the person I am today. All of my relationships have changed since the inception of the Diabetes Daily Grind because I am able to share my thoughts – allowing others in. I’m a constant work in progress and for once, I look forward to what the future holds.

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