Five Books That Shaped My 2014


I like to think that books allow another mind into my own. Life’s about growth. To me, books can be that stimulus. These are not books written about the diabetic journey. These are books about life. From my experience, diabetes goes as my life goes.

2014 was a year to remember, with these five books serving as my guide:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I walked away asking myself one question: “Will I do everything in my power to chase my dreams? Do I have what it takes?” Through the eyes of a young shepherd looking for his treasure, it encourages you to join the journey.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This was a gut check. Steven Pressfield identifies Resistance as enemy number one–the force pushing us to settle. A must read for anyone doing anything.

The Legend of Bagger Vance by Steven Pressfield

We all have an Authentic Swing. It’s innate. Can we find it? Amazing read, not just for the golfer.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Words can’t do it justice. Socrates outlines the path to freedom.

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn

I was looking for an example of modern, American language. This ended up serving up the example for how stories should be written. Intensely personal, immensely vulnerable, Nick Flynn illustrates the beauty and suffering found in the stakes of life.

Have a book that shaped your own 2014? Please share with us below! It’s time to add to the 2015 reading list!

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