5 Disturbing Diabetes Observations from the Fair

state fair

The DDG was recently out and about at a September institution: The Oklahoma State Fair. Amber took in the sights during a weekend afternoon and Ryan reveled in the Friday night lights. What we saw, well, isn’t all that surprising I suppose–all things fried, parents spanking in public, and 14 year olds smoking cigarettes. All that being said, only judgment through diabetic eyes was passed. Here’s our list of the most disturbing observations from the fair:

#1 – Deep Fried Gummy Bears

fried gummy bears Do you really need to deep fry something that is already so unhealthy? What joy does a deep friend gummy bear bring to someone? Wouldn’t they taste better normally? Please explain.

#2 – Corn Dog Stands

corndog standWhile making an hour long lap around the fair grounds, I counted 18 corn dog stands. Do we really need that many options for battered, fried meat on a stick?

#3 – Wash Down a Cinnamon Roll with a Sweet Tea?

photo 1 (2)How can that even taste good? Your tastebuds would need a trip to rehab. I, on the other hand, would be on the floor in ketoacidosis.

#4 Creme de la Crepe

Creme de la CrepeOklahoma’s signature foods: chicken-fried steak… and crepes? If I’m eating a crepe, I’m eating something legit, not this Bisquick imitator.

#5 – Root Beer Stand

photo 4Trying to guess how many carbs is in one of those jugs is like trying to guess how many planets there are. We’ve got the technology to do it, but not the time. I’d have to take 10 units of Novolog or something.

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