Happy Diagnosis Day! – Liam’s One Year Diaversary


This short & sweet post is 100% dedicated to Liam as he and his family celebrate his FIRST T1D, diagnosis day anniversary. I’m aware that not every T1D chooses to embrace this special day, but about 7 years ago I chose to change my tune and truly hope you will consider doing the same.

Please shoot some +++ thoughts, prayers, messages, etc. for Liam and his family in the comment box below or on the DDG Facebook page. Every message helps, so don’t be shy!

Liam's Family

The DDG will continue to keep up with Liam’s family and feel confident his parents will be our first guest bloggers focusing on the parental angle of dealing with all things diabetes.

Each and every one of us have plenty of experiences to share SO please pass along your words of wisdom.

+++ Thoughts and Energy to Liam!

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