The High Handbook: Rule #4 – Act Over Post

The High Handbook Rule 4

Situations arise (and will continue), where I can’t troubleshoot a reason for being high. This is our life. I like to think of the body as your local philharmonic. When everyone shows up to play the show, you’ve got great harmony. When all of the violins forget to show up (consider this our pancreas deficiency), various other members of the orchestra (consider this cortisol, growth hormone, epinephrine) will come across a little louder, and distort the quality of the show (the random high blood sugar). For historical purposes, it’s important to point out those last few sentences will serve as the first and last philharmonic-related analogies on the website.

Okay, so yes, we have these random high blood sugars. Of which, we post the official high blood sugar number with associated picture to Instagram with a derivative of the following commentary: Why is my blood sugar high?!?!?! This makes no sense at all! I haven’t ate a single carb in 4 years. Somehow, despite the repetitive tendency of these events, we are genuinely surprised every single time it happens. Really though, there is nothing that can vault my blood pressure like the surprise high.

So, what’s the handbook have to say about the random high? It says:


As a member of the DOC (diabetes online community), I too embrace the shared experience (you guys are the only ones who get it!). The DOC is not insulin though. The DOC is also not exercise. There’s scientific proof that walking around my block lowers my blood sugar faster than posting to Instagram. So, in that emotional moment, we must act, instead of posting.

We’ve been around this block before. We will face the random high again. We know how to lower our blood sugar. We know how to take insulin. We know how to exercise. Stare down that high number, remember that you’ve been there before, and do the things that will get you back to being your best, hopefully quickly… but sometimes, even when doing all the things right, it stays high. If you’d like to write the next handbook section on that, it’s all yours.


For the sanctity of the handbook, here are the previous installments: Rule #1Rule #2, and… Rule #3.


2 thoughts on “The High Handbook: Rule #4 – Act Over Post

  1. I love to walk to reduce blood sugar. Of course i like not having high blood sugar in the first place. Lets toast to both options.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of April 25, 2016.

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