How to Fight the Morning Low

Anhh.Anhh.Anhh. There goes the alarm. I turn over and hit snooze. Fifteen minutes later I’m up and feel like I can eat a horse (since I eat plant-based we’ll say a field of tempeh). I stumble my way down the stairs and test my blood sugar; 66. I immediately snag an apple off the counter and demolish it. Drink a glass of OJ soon after and polish it off with a bowl of granola. All in about 5 minutes.Before I can even truly wake up.

Obviously, this is not the ideal solution. I just took in about 75 carbs. Sure, it knocked out the low blood sugar sluggishness but I’m set to be looking at a blood sugar over 200 by mid-morning – then potentially a corrective low after lunch time. It’s a vicious cycle.

How can we move past this? Sure, never have a morning low blood sugar again! Well, that’s not happening but I have come up for a decent idea for the every so often morning low blood sugar. Grab the piece of fruit or glass of juice. Eat or drink that as you head into the shower or your next step in the morning routine. Let’s face it. Do we really need that much energy to wash our bodies? We can fight through the inevitable 15 minutes of low blood sugar symptoms. Once we fight through that, we can then eat breakfast and actually remember eating it.

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