#8: Amber & Ryan from Maui | How to Travel, Surf, and be an Islander

All in all, Amber and Ryan were pumped to cross paths on the island of Maui and share their traveling journeys to date. How do each of them deal with airport security? What do they eat in airports? Snacks? You know they both had snacks. At the time, Ryan had been on Maui for a month, mainly combing beaches and pretending to be a surfer. Amber focused on socializing in every happy hour across the island for two weeks. She breaks down the Hawaiian culture and cuisine, while he gives us insight into managing blood sugar while surfing.

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Aloha. We hope you enjoy a few show notes and links from our Maui adventure.

Royal Lahaina


  • We purchased a GoPro! Here’s a look at a day in the ocean with Ryan… and diabetes.

  • CVS – we need pharmacies in airports. We are planting the seed – MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  • Ryan’s Instagram photo documents the diabetes supplies he packed for his journey. Are you following the DDG on Instagram? All the cool kids are doing it.

Ryan's Supplies

  • Best Restaurant Ever in Makawao = Market Fresh Bistro. Everything is made fresh and grown in the area.

Brie Fritters

Tofu and eggplant sandwich on freshly baked bread (Ryan’s newest addiction while in Hawaii). CLICK HERE to read his latest rant on this addiction.

  • Mana Foods in Paia. Damn good produce, tabouli, all things organic and is a great spot for people watching.

Mana Foods

Charley's Saloon


  • Ryan and Amber both ponied-up to the bar for a wonderful meal and experience at Fleetwood’s On Front Street. They accommodated Amber’s “particular” choices and Ryan’s vegan lifestyle.



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