I Had Forgotten What It Was Like To Be Weightless | Madison Thorn

I recently came across a very powerful Facebook post by past Real Life Diabetes Podcast guest, Madison Thorn and had to share. This is real life diabetes and what it can do to the psyche.

I just had the most absolute mind fuck of an experience…
I was out of coffee at home so I walked to the breakfast joint at the end of my block to grab a cup to go. When I walked in, the food smelled amazing and I asked the hostess if, instead of the coffee to-go, I could sit and have breakfast.

“Of course!”
I sat down, a cup of coffee was brought over, I perused the menu for a few minutes, and then I realized… I didn’t have any of my diabetes supplies with me. Since it was just supposed to be a two minute trip for coffee, everything was sitting on my bedside table, right were I left it.

I had forgotten I was a diabetic.
Looking back at that moment, standing at the counter and saying that I’d like to have breakfast, it was the most ethereal decision I had made since my diagnosis almost 5 years ago. There was no consideration of whether I had enough insulin on me, where my sugars were, or any other bullshit diabetes related question that lives in my head constantly and unyieldingly.
For just a few brief minutes, I was weightless.
I want to go back to that moment and live there forever, I had forgotten what it was like to be weightless.

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