What My First 72 Hours of CGM Was Like

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It takes insulin awhile to get going.

With the CGM alongside, I now understand the speed at which insulin operates. Yesterday evening, my glucose trended up towards 200. I corrected with a unit of insulin. At the moment, I was attempting to study, which invariably leads to a search for any excuse not to study. Insert CGM. I kept looking to see if the insulin was working. It didn’t initially. Fifteen minutes later, I could see the readings crest and begin trending downwards. This is the indicator to stop giving insulin unless you enjoy being low, or well… crazy.

Different food hits blood glucose at varying speeds.

My alarm stirred me from slumber around 3AM last night. The security system worked–58 mg/dL it read. I stumble into the kitchen, demolishing a banana on sight. Not 4 minutes later, the number had risen to 72. Simple carbs hit it quick. We’ve been aware of this information for years (think about the first convo you ever had with a doc/nurse/dietician surrounding carbs). To see it live was beautiful.

It doesn’t prevent the swings in blood sugar, but it will prevent the severity of the swing.

I’m still tinkering with the alarm settings and how fast/slow to set the fall/rise rates. This is some next level physics. Regardless, the tool really helps. No more surprise “Oh Shit” Moments or sneaky lows. By not being really high or really low, I feel more productive for longer.

Bottomline: I love it. It’s empowering. It clears away the space in my mind dedicated to “feeling” where my blood sugar resides. Now I just know.

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