At Last, A Simple Solution To The Age Old Absorption Dilemma


I just finished reading Ryan’s post, The Enlightenment: Why Did I Wait So Damn Long To Return To The Stomach?, about forgetting to use his stomach as an effective pump site location. It made me think about my own system that I’ve wanted to share for quite some time. After 29 years with T1 and 10 years pumping, I’ve come up with a simple, effective rotation. When I was diagnosed, I initially received a site rotation card from one of the hospitals or doctor’s offices I had visited and it illustrated the various sites, but I still felt that it was a little complicated, so I made adjustments.

This is a great method for busy people who don’t always remember their last site, pill, dose or whatever repetitive action you have done day after day. That is me in a nutshell. So, here is the visual aid I created and I’ll walk you through it with a few tips.

Primarily, I rotate clockwise around my body from left ab, right ab, top R behind, top L behind. In each location I can place 3 sites in a triangular pattern. 3-4 days a site, 9-12 days in that quadrant and at least a month before I return to that quadrant. The resting time allows for healing and will also help maintain the quality absorption rates in each area because no area is overused or suffering from hardening.

It is so easy to remember to identify three sites in a quadrant and then move clockwise. That simple. You can still see or feel the previous 1-2 sites and easily avoid them. Most of your old sites are healed, so there is little or no pain. That’s all folks.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, leave a comment and I will respond!

3 thoughts on “At Last, A Simple Solution To The Age Old Absorption Dilemma

    • Ryan. That is exactly the point. I have minor scars but no hard spots after 10 years. When I was young I overused my thighs and stomach with syringes and it was becoming painful. Someone suggested adding thighs to the rotation which would extend it more. I have been a little wary because of my lingering

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